THE END! And it’s happy.

pexels-photo-590513.jpegI have been released with 6 month follow-up.  Basically, it been approximately a year since treatment ended and there are no signs of reoccurrence.

My many thanks to friends whether spiritual, virtual or real for support and the occasional butt-kick when needed.  One mentor kept me occupied when a started clamming up and provided butt-kicks and laughs when needed.  Once longtime friend let me phone flirt too.

If you should know someone or you have the deafening diagnosis of bladder cancer, it does take a lot of little things beside expert medical care to get through it.

My journey will go on but thankfully cancer-free for awhile.  Bladder cancer DOES have a 25% chance of reoccurance within 5 years, but if that happens, a new journey will begin.