Hospital (not Happy) Times are here again!

How this cancer adventure started is returning to the beginning.  Originally I went to Johns Hopkins to discuss what would be done about claudication that was causing leg pain.  Activity was getting extremely limited.  That’s because the arteries get clogged with clumps of fat, cholesterol and other material, called atherosclerotic plaques. These plaques can make arteries so narrow that less blood can flow through them. You feel pain because your leg muscles are not getting enough oxygenated blood.

When performing a pretty normal test, i.e. scan with contrast, an extremely alert radiologist I.D.’s the probable cancer.  Call it serendipity, luck of the Irish or just plain great doctoring – the cancer was caught, treated, temporarily in monitor-only mode.  Thanks to a great deal of prayers in multiple faiths including atheism, a beautifully gifted necklace made from citron (healing stone) and a few firm kicks in the butt, I’m going back to the beginning.

I do have to make sure I carry my Hope Stone with.


  • Choose an image from the magazine that inspires hope, courage, perseverance, etc.
  • The image has to be the same size as the hope stone. You might consider putting the stone over the image in the magazine, tracing around the stone with a pen, and then using the scissors to cut out the image.
  • Put a small drop of glue directly on the picture (this seems odd that you put glue over your hope/courage/perseverance picture but TRUST us).
  • Then stick the image on the flat side of the stone and press it and flatten it.
  • The glue will eventually dry clear (after a few hours)
  • Once dry, trim the magazine paper around the hope stone, if it is needed.
  • Carry stone with you to remind you that you are RESILIENT.
  • Make one for yourself and if you have time, make one for another patient and place in HOPE jar.