Doc says “see you next year”

This week was the follow-up with my Radiation Oncologist.  He is the master of my high beam radiation plan.  He has kicked me out (at least for 7 months).  Actually he first said a year for follow up, but moved it up to coincide with the follow up cystoscope is January.

New sculpture in CT Lab which moved buildings earlier this year.

Johns Hopkins is holding a workshop “Surviving Survivorship Living with Cancer.”  Apparently they hold something like this annually.  After looking at the agenda, I decided to register.

I started questioning why my happiness at the good visit with my doctors was short-lived.  “This shouldn’t happen,” I keep telling myself, “you should be shouting from the rooftop.”  Well, I realized that cancer will always be the elephant in the room.  When you realize it may occur again anytime, it sort of dampness the euphoria.

But I know, be grateful for all the good news and ignore the “Emperor of all Maladies.”  It is hard to do however.

The plus about all this is that I have been cleared to meet with my Vascular Surgeon to discuss the claudication in my legs.  This is how this entire adventure with cancer started – CT Scan with contrast should the bladder cancer.  Alert radiologists!

Of course I had my “healing” citrine necklace on.  I think that was the final kick to the finish line.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday, I headed to get my nails done.  This is a luxury I indulge in every month.  Sure I can do it, but Lion the nail tech (yes, that’s her name) does so much better plus I get a hand massage.

Anyway, she actually had to cut my nails.  Wow, I was excited.  Why?  Because the after-effects of chemo & radiation are finally almost gone.  More energy, nails growing and I had to shave my legs.  Small things, but they’re big to cancer patients.

I have to admit not have to shave legs most of the summer was nice but the reason wasn’t.  With cancer is the lower abdomen, typically chemo/rad treatment hair loss is in the lower body, not the head area.  So head hair growth is normal and leg hair slows greatly and thins.

So in a nutshell, hair growth and bone density have recovered and I’m “zipping” around on my red scooter.