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This was a very nice invitation sent with the following subject line “Subject: Sent on behalf of Dr. Noah Hahn: Please Join us for a Bladder Cancer Patient and Family Program” now, I have been living in a state of frustration, not knowing if I going to live or die. This is sent from my […]

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Blood Work, CT Scan, GREAT NEWS

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJohns Hopkins Radiology for CT scans has moved to a different building.  It is really a bright & cheerful site with modern seating and outside views throughout.  It’s really a nice environment for a generally unpleasant experience.

Thursday was totally set aside for Johns Hopkins.  First stop in the morning was with Oncology Phlebotomy for the blood draw,  They do offer complementary coffee and tea so a grabbed a cup of coffee on the way to the lab.  I have very small veins so this is not an easy task to draw blood.  Well, the phlebotomist nailed the stick and off I went in 10 minutes 2 vials of blood lighter.  Next stop was Radiology for a CT Scan with Contrast.  I had to find the new location which is a bit of a hike.  With my bad legs, I was in a good deal of pain when I got there.

I was about 45 minutes early for the appointment so I figured I’d have some time to read a book I brought that a friend had written.  No sooner did I open the book than the attendant call me & took me back to the lab.  I sat down again, started to open the book and immediately got called to have an IV inserted.  I had to drink 2 large cups of tepid water so I sat  there about 5 minutes and then was taken to the radiation room.  I was situated on the scanning table by the radiation tech & off we went.  As a side note, I didn’t even have to undress and put on one those “fashionable” gowns.  There was a base scan, then the contrast dye was introduced through the IV port,  Well there is a strong sense of warming and, don’t ask me why, a terrible taste from the chemicals.

The scans were completed and off I went.  This whole thing took less than 45 minutes.  I was off to find my way back to the Weinberg building.  Leaving a crumb trail was not an option & dutifully frowned on by JHH.  After only 1 wrong turn, I found my way back to the starting point with plenty of time to spare for my 1:30PM Medical Oncology appointment with Dr. Noah Hahn.  I grabbed another coffee at the cafe’ and proceeded to the waiting room.  Once again, got settled and went to open the book and was immediately called to get my vital taken.  Of course Dr. Hahn was on time which is not heard of at the Outpatient Clinic.

Off I went to the exam room, chit chatted and then Dr. Hahn broke the good news that my treatments were over.  The scans showed shrinkage of the cancerous areas and he felt that now I could go on a 3 month follow-up schedule.  That’s it – I’M DONE!  YEAH!  I don’t have to go back until August for another follow CT Scan.  Should the cancer reappear, the next step would be immunology treatment, but right now my fingers are crossed and I am allowing myself to be optimistic for the first time since last October.

I can now start making plans for longer than the time to my next appointment.  I don’t even remember how to do that.  As things develop I will write about it.  I still have the peripheral artery disease to deal with and have an appointment to discuss that next week.