Movin’ Along

I have now completed 13 radiation treatments and 4 chemotherapy sessions.  Scary, but few side-effects.  Due to medication given along with chemo drugs, I’ve had no nausea or lack of appetite.  I do have numbness in my toes which I’m told is something normal with chemo.  As for the radiation, I’ve experienced a little lower abdominal discomfort but nothing to scream about,  I do tire very easily but again, I’m told that is normal.

I sorta got excited prematurely.  I thought I had one more chemotherapy treatment but it’s actually 2 treatments.  False alarm.  So the real test for the chemo regimen is an MRI with Contrast 4/13.  This will be used to compare with one taken at the start of treatment then we’ll see what next steps are.

5 more weeks of radiation so no end in sight with that.  When I get frustrated, I have to remember this is sure better than the alternative!

When this “adventure” started, I was totally at wits end.  I thought a doctor with urology and oncology i his title would take care of me throughout the journey.  WRONG!  I wish I had known earlier that I needed a Medical Oncologist (the chemo guy) and Radiation Oncologist.  I was floundering, confused and thanks to my PCP, given an increased dose of antidepressant.

I received that attached list of medical personnel involved in treatment.  I call it a “cast of thousands) but I more or less have one or more of each.  If you are getting ready to go through this or supporting someone who is, this may be helpful.  My insurance provides for a case worker who helps navigate this web of medical personal which is also helpful but nothing that you can’t do by asking questions no matter how “stupid” you think they might be.  Remember, it’s your life and medical personal are nothing but individuals paid by you.  They work for you!

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