Chemo Started

I have had 2 chemo treatments.  For mine, this takes about 4 hours.  First is an IV of saline to keep hydrated and to ultimately flush the drug from your system.  Then medicine to help nausea, etc and finally the chemo drug is added.  They also pump in another saline IV for good measure.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHonestly,  there is nothing remarkable – no pain, no burning, nothing.  Just sit in a lounge chair with a needle attached.  Through 2 treatments I have had no nausea; have felt very tired for one day; then was ready to rock n roll.  I’m starting to question whether this is actually doing anything or isn it a placebo!  I see the Radiation Oncologist next week along with the surgeon then the Chemo Oncologist on the 24th.

I’m just along for the ride now.  I’m trying not to believe everything is working only to find out it’s not.

The banner in the lobby of the Kimmel Cancer Center shows some of the major players in the Johns Hopkins Bladder Cancer team.  My (mine only, HA! HA!) Chemo Oncologist is the one on the left, second row.

So far, so good.