Friday I had the procedure which is in essence a bladder house cleaning.   Any junk that remained from the original mass was taken out is taken care of and a new specimen is sent to pathology.  This is done under general anesthesia with a cast of thousands looking on.  That is an exaggeration, of course, but it really felt that way – surgical assistant, surgical nurse, anesthesia nurse and other unidentified medical personnel (I think).  I’m extremely glad to have been in a comatose state or I would have been embarrassed.  Gurney to operating table, positioned properly – THE END.

The patient (better known as ME) can’t get discharged until 200ml of urine is discharged, translated, pissed.  I can’t tell you how many cups of ice water I had to consume, but finally I got to go home.  Because of the anesthesia, I had to have someone pick me up instead of using the Mobility bus.  My dear friend, Polly, and her granddaughter collected me.  Granddaughter just got her CNA so it was practice for her, not to mention that Polly and her GPS are mortal enemies. I have to admit I was very shaky which I didn’t expect so I was very glad the hospital was insistent on making me have a “chauffeur.”

I got home and with a little help made it up the stairs and into my apartment.  I was told to rest – no instructions needed.  When I got inside and put my “stuff” down, I laid down and immediately fell asleep for 4 hours.  I am not someone who can “nap,” especially when the sun is up.  Well, bathroom called, pain was piercing and I was still light-headed.  I had some tea and went right back to sleep until Saturday morning.  I got up and felt like I had been on a long bender – miserable hangover without alcohol!  Felt bloated, foggy and was nodding off.  Went back to bed – slept until Sunday morning.  Felt like shit but looked well-rested even with no make-up.  Vanity helps.  HA!

This is the second time I had the TURBT and the recovery was very different for both as were the recovery protocols and THE PAIN.  I have a follow-up with my surgeon next week and going to quiz him.

I also have another question – did he really do the surgery both times or did a resident or fellow?  It is a teaching hospital after all.  I would never know since I was out to the world.

Now a bit of funny (you must have a perverted sense of humor to face this).  I was talking to the anesthesiologist and said “So you are going to put me to sleep?”  Her response:  “No, I’m not a vet!”  Chuckle.


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